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Counseling for foreigners

This kind of service is meant for those who are English speakers in Italy and would benefit from a psychological support held in presence. At first I thought about this possibility for university students and adolescents because I have been working in a Boarding School as Life coordinator and I understood that for some of them it was not easy at all to deal with the cultural change and being far from home. Difficult situations may occur when living abroad: a different context and culture, staying alone or feeling overwhelmed about people and emotions in our lives. In my counselor consulting you will find acceptance and no judgement. We will work together to understand better what is going on and to find a different path to follow, in which you will be more comfortable with yourself and the others.
My therapy approach is based on the Personal Construct Theory of George Kelly: he suggested that the world that everyone sees is built because of all the personal experiences they had, so it is different for each person and the professionist has to work with the person to create different possibilities and alternatives. I will not tell you how to be and what is wrong or right for you, we will decide together what could be useful for your unique situation at the moment. So, you will be the center of the therapy: the starting point to build something that makes you aware and peaceful.

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